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Move BlackBerry Tab Feature

Sage released 5.0 SP1 for Mobility not too long ago. One of my beef’s was that to reorder tabs on the BlackBerry form designer you had to basically hack into the database to alter the form XML directly. I am glad to say that in the SP this problem was addressed although in a not too discoverable way.


To move the tab select it and while still holding down the mouse button move it to the desired location. Adding a tab and removing a tab is handled through the context menu as well.

Save your changes and away you go.

It would be nice in the future to see some form of tab designer that allows the movement of many tabs or ones that are not so visible to the developer.

A Little about Me

Where to start, …

Father of 3 with a wonderful supportive wife living in Cambridge, On. Its actually great how easy my wife is with me given the software lifestyle I lead.

I work for a Company called Castle CRM out of NY City as the VP of Mobility and it makes sense from a practical point of view as I came from Sage, and before that a company called Corum out of Vaughn, On. While at Corum I was responsible for the Architecture and development of the Mobile product that was aquired by Sage in September 2006.

During my time at Corum I was able to work in many capacities, some fun, and some not so fun but in the long run I got to meet lot’s of really cool people, work with technology that I just feel natural with and bring what I think is a really cool product to market. I was also luckly enough to get to go to the UK, Australia and places in the US and train developers on mobility development with the product.

For some time I have wanted to create a Blog to have a place for my thoughts on products that I develop or consult on, and/or new technologies.

This will be the place, and I hope to keep it up frequently with new  and relevant information.


Hello World

When a developer learns a new language one of the first things they may do is write a hello world. Basically figuring out the basic structure of a program that can simply display the text ‘Hello World’ in some visible way. This post is my Hello World to word press using Windows Live Writer, testing the waters and helping me understand the limitations.

From what I can see it looks like all will work seamlessly.