Flying to Scottsdale for SalesLogix Boot Camp

As I write this I a flying into Phoenix to attend the SalesLogix boot camp. This weeklong event is to help business partners gain the experience and expertise of the SalesLogix web platform and all of its ancillary components. From what I hear its attendance is will exceed expectations. I am very excited to get to Scottsdale and meet with the other BP’s and of course all of my friends at Sage. I expect that today will be somewhat hard on my system as the start was not that great. I always have a hard time sleeping the day before a trip, but last night was exceptionally. We had decided (my wife and I) to get a hotel room last night to avoid the drive this morning, so not only did I content with the usual bout of insomnia but also the hotel noise, low quality pillows and all the other trappings of sleeping away from the comforts of home. The bright side was that the hotel offered park and fly service which means that we were able to park the car at the hotel for up to 3 weeks for free (hope the car is still there when we get back) and shuttle to the flight this morning. So it looks as if the staying at the hotel is going to have a net savings from parking at the Airport.

Arriving at the airport somewhat early (1.5 hrs) found us a pretty big line, luckily the AZ flight got some expedient service if you do not count the 10 minutes the ticket agent spent on the phone, and we made our flight with 10 minutes to spare.

I am thinking it would be nice about now to have a nap with roughly 2 hours still to go but that is but a dream, sleeping on the plane, definitely a no go.

As I mentioned earlier my wife joined me on this trip. It is her first time in AZ and I am looking forward to taking her to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and maybe .. just maybe a drive up towards Las Vegas depending on how the schedules work out. My mind is currently buzzing with some feature updates to some of the products I work on. At times its very cool to always be thinking about how to make things better, or what’s next in the business but it can also be a little of a curse. It the strangest places and the most inconvenient times I find my mind wandering on the next great thing to do.

I am hoping that over the next week or so I can update the blog more frequently with information that is derived from each of the sessions. For those BPs who cannot attend there may bits of important information on the product(s).

Oh, bit of information here. I upgraded 2 computers during the week to windows 7. My main machine which I use for my day to day work and the notebook I am taking with and writing this blog on. The first upgrade went off without a hitch and is working perfectly fine. The notebook, though it did upgrade I had forgotten that I had installed VS2010 on the machine until logged in and noticed the menu items (usual do a VM). I uninstalled VS2010 and noticed that some of the programs failed to work such as SQL Server2005. Unfortunately I did not have time to ‘pave’ the notebook before my trip. My saving grace is that I develop using VM’s now (been working on the process) so I had some VMs specifically working for what I had to do this next two weeks. When I get back I will wipe the notebook and install the OS clean.

I do like what I have seen with windows 7 though.

Gone Windows 7

Now that Windows 7 has been released to MSDN subscribers I had decided to upgrade my main machine. I started the upgrade in the early evening and let it go as I had heard that I can take some time. I woke up to the final license key screen and now am happily using Windows 7. On another note I will be in Scottsdale AZ from the 16th to the 30th of August attending the Sage SalesLogix boot camp. I hope to see all of you business partners there as it looks like its going to be a great event.