Its Been a while

Wow, long time since my last post. I guess its a mix of being busy on projects and being completely uninspired when it comes to writing any thing up here. This occurs mostly in the winter when I feel drained, and this winter has been pretty bad on me when it comes to my mental health. Thankfully we press through and just get stuff done.

Here at BITtelligent we focus on so many different things, and at times its hard to determine where the next focus point needs to be. Being a jack of all, with some razor focus on the SalesLogix product line I sometimes get lost without regards to the bigger picture. BITtelligent has become quite successful of late of SalesLogix web upgrades and almost have it down to a Science.

Over the next few months I hope to provide more details on the BITtelligent Integration Toolkit. A platform and set of services for creating custom/standalone integrations to various systems. Shortly we will be delivering our first mini-integration providing Microsoft Exchange to SalesLogix Ticket and History. We are very excited by these mini platform releases and hope to have a series of releases each year.

I will also be delving into SalesLogix 8. I have been fortunate enough to work with the team in Scottsdale on the product and provide hopefully great insight on how to get the most out of the platform.

Finally we at BITtelliigent will be adding some external competencies around ERP synchronizations specifically MAS90/200 and MAS500 through Dynalink and ERPLink product lines. Focusing on aiding support to the business partner and end customer community to get running and maintaining a working synchronization process.