SalesLogix 7.5 RC2 Is Released

Yesterday night RC2 for SalesLogix was released out to the Business Partner community. The 7.5 release in my opinion represents the best release for the Web Client yet. I have to say I am getting excited that the product is getting ready for final release and SalesLogix customers will be able to get their hands on the product. It looks so much better then previous versions. The development team has been working hard and this is a great step forward.



Silverlight Beta 2

Well it looks as if the new beta is coming sometime by the end of the week. Some notable updates around controls, networking, and the tooling. I am happing with the fact that this beta contains a go-live license and also that it will be used in a high volume real world scenario hosting the Olympics in Bejing so I feel positive about its reliability. Installing VS beta 1 required the removal of the Silverlight tooling. Looks like it will be back and installed on my desktop this weekend (fingers crossed)