DropDownList–SalesLogix Lookup Issue

It seems that after a lookup that is in DropDownMode is initialized changes to the LookupPrefilters have no effect. The items are cached and a check is done to not reload the list if any items exist in the list. Since the list is cached a new call to LoadItems will not be made.

Luckily with a little reflection magic this can be resolved. The following code is a method that can be called that will clear the items and allow it to be correctly refreshed in case of a change to the LookupPreFilters


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SalesLogix Web Dependency Lookups

I am working on a project where I have to do some considerable customizations around localization. Specifically the product needs to handle 4 different languages from PickLists, Groups, DependencyLookups, and more. Today I was implementing a solution around dependency lookups and could not get the lookup to change based on my language settings. What I was doing was changing the PreFilter properties to point to an extended field on my ACI table. I tried various things with no success. I decided to dig into the controls code and see if there was something that would lead me to a solution.

In the code I got my Ah Ha moment as I could see that some filter state was being stored in the HttpCache however it was never being cleared, nor was there a way on the control to invoke a clear action. Though the control did not expose an invalidate method the solution was quite simple once the issue was discovered.

Simply call


This will clear the filters from the cache and reload them correctly.