Holidays arrive

As I look out the window and see the start of a snow storm I wonder what my first leg of driving trip to Florida will bring. I am sure it will be fine and we have picked up copious amounts of entertainment for the kids to keep them busy. Today is the last working day here at the offices until I arrive back on December 30th. Its kind of funny, each year when I plan holidays I state in no uncertain terms that I will not do any work while I am away. Try to get a refresher, prepare for the work ahead. An always that plan goes out the window. I think its twice as hard to make this commitment when you are an owner of a company, because it just draws you back in.

This year, I do not believe its going to be a completely different story. Un-fortunately, or fortunately however you look at it we are very busy and in this economy I grateful to my wonderful group of customers for continuing to keep us busy well into 2009. 

I want to like to wish all of my Friends, Family and Clients, and Colleagues  a wonderful holiday and I hope that 2009 with turn out prosperous for  all as we weather out the economic storm ahead.

Primus Canada Sucks

Now a days very few things get me upset. I have become more mild as I get older but one thing has just been pissing me off. About a month ago I got a call from a Call center with regards to switching me telephone service over to Primus from Bell. I let them know I was not interested and would like to have them put me on the do not call list. They confirmed to me that this would be done.

Every day since, around 3:00 pm I get a call from the same 1-866-516-8111 number. I answer, and wait and it hangs up. Thanks to technology I googled the number and noticed that others have had the same issues as I have. This has happened without end for the last month. Today I decided to try to change my voice (I know sounds strange) but I did make it higher and promptly a call center rep picked up.

I then let the service rep have an earful. I just had it. No I do not want Primus. I would not be upset if they just disappeared off the face of the earth. You can take this transcript to the executives so they can shove it up their …. Not really my best moment but has Sales become this. The constant barrage of calls until you feel so bullied that you just give in. I hope not and I hope this is an isolated thing. I really do miss the days of when Customer service really meant providing quality customer service and that Sales was about the win-win and not the screw-them-till-they-give in method.

If this is your method of obtaining, and for those of you who have loyal customers and have to continually pressure the customers to purchase more services (Bell, Rogers) things surely have to change. People are smarter, they are more informed and will close down to any possibility of using or extending services in the future if you continue to be a bully.

I for one look forward to passive sales methods that embrace rather then aggressive methods that annoy. Be good, be available and focus on the customer.

Catching up

It has been somewhat difficult to keep up with posts lately. I have been incredibly busy with work and one of the products I was working on just went into beta and I am now working on some other engagements up to the holidays. Reflecting back I am pretty excited where the business is considering the current economic climate. It looks as if 2009’s prospects are very good as well kicking off with an early January trip back to the UK. I am very privileged to be in the position I am in today.

Over the last 8 Months I have actively engaged with more the 13 business partners, offering services spanning SalesLogix LAN and Web development to custom application development to training. These customers are located in the US, Canada, UK and Germany. Each have been a treat to work with and it has been my pleasure to offer assistance when asked.

I want to give a special call out to the Sage for their support over the last year, and more directly to Mimi, Jeff, Paul, John, Bill and Del Mar, and Dave too :). These people are great to work with and very good at what they do and I am glad that they are working on the SalesLogix Development Team and driving the ship forward.

I also want to thank Ryan and David at CustomerFx, Brian Seagers at Propellix, Mike Spragg at empath-e, Johnathan and Nick at Pythagoras, Tony at eyeQ CRM. Over the last year I have had many conversations with these individuals and have done some work, and each is professional and very capable and I would highly recommend their work to anyone who asks.

I am glad to announce the CustomerFx is offering some development training on the 7.5 Web Client. I have always like Ryan’s style and approach to explaining things out and I expect this training to be a great investment for any BP trying to get their developers up to speed on the Web. I also recommend heading over to the Sage University site and signing up to the developer video subscriptions. Jason Huber walks through concepts from start to finish and as I understand it the catalog gets updated quite frequently.

Over the next month the BITtelligent web site will be getting an updated look to represent a more professional style. The initial site was literally thrown together in 6 hours to get some presence.  Our new Logo and page layout were provided by Paul Middlehurst, He is an excellent Graphics Designer and If you have any design work that you need done, you will not be disappointed.

The new Logo is …


I want to leave this post with these thoughts …


A developer took a reference application build by Microsoft and created a million dollar business and community on it. With hard work and adding the right mix of features DotNetNuke was born, and now is a thriving community. The initial code base was nothing compared to the infrastructure provided by SalesLogix web. Given that we now have the technology to build on and a community behind it, should we not have products and add-on’s to support our collective interests. Now is the time to start building on top of the web client and make SalesLogix and even more compelling story to our customers.