As I look out the window and see the start of a snow storm I wonder what my first leg of driving trip to Florida will bring. I am sure it will be fine and we have picked up copious amounts of entertainment for the kids to keep them busy. Today is the last working day here at the offices until I arrive back on December 30th. Its kind of funny, each year when I plan holidays I state in no uncertain terms that I will not do any work while I am away. Try to get a refresher, prepare for the work ahead. An always that plan goes out the window. I think its twice as hard to make this commitment when you are an owner of a company, because it just draws you back in.

This year, I do not believe its going to be a completely different story. Un-fortunately, or fortunately however you look at it we are very busy and in this economy I grateful to my wonderful group of customers for continuing to keep us busy well into 2009. 

I want to like to wish all of my Friends, Family and Clients, and Colleagues  a wonderful holiday and I hope that 2009 with turn out prosperous for  all as we weather out the economic storm ahead.

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