Sage SalesLogix Mobile Pick Lists (BlackBerry)

When working with Sage mobile from time to time you will find that there is missing functionality that you expected to be there but is not. One such piece of functionality involve pick lists and recently worked on a project that required ‘must exist in list’ functionality. By the way did I say how much I like using Eclipse when I have to do java development. Well I do.

Must Exist In List

MustExistInList is a property of Sage Saleslogix web and Lan client picklist. This ensures that the end user cannot enter any free form text into the pick list edit area. This property however has yet to make it up to the mobile implementation. Since the property does not exist and it is not possible to introduce new controls into the form building process I had to take a more intermediate step. The first thing to remember is that most of the controls that exist on the BlackBerry device start as a HorizontalFieldManager.

Generally the following layout for each control is followed

< Label Field > + < Seperator Field > +  < Edit Field >

however with the lookups and picklists the following layout is followed

<Label Field> + < CMPImage > + < Seperator > + < Edit Field >

Now I was not completely sure on the layout of the control, so to help me on a way I wrote a simple helper method that did nothing more then to iterate through the embedded fields on the HorizontalLayoutManager and inform me of the embedded class names.

Once I had this information in hand I built out a pick list adapter method. I should have created a full adapter to allow for future expansion however sometimes KISS should be honored especially if under the gun to deliver in short order.

Its a simple method but effective in providing the functionality.

public static void setPicklistEditable(CMPPickList field, boolean editable ) {
    HorizontalFieldManager manager =  (HorizontalFieldManager) field;
    EditField edit = (EditField)manager.getField(3);
    if (edit != null) {

Note that the index for the field is 3 even though there is 4 embedded controls as arrays in java are 0 based .

Move BlackBerry Tab Feature

Sage released 5.0 SP1 for Mobility not too long ago. One of my beef’s was that to reorder tabs on the BlackBerry form designer you had to basically hack into the database to alter the form XML directly. I am glad to say that in the SP this problem was addressed although in a not too discoverable way.


To move the tab select it and while still holding down the mouse button move it to the desired location. Adding a tab and removing a tab is handled through the context menu as well.

Save your changes and away you go.

It would be nice in the future to see some form of tab designer that allows the movement of many tabs or ones that are not so visible to the developer.