Looking for a ASP.net MVC developer or 2

Hey All,

BITtelligent is Hiring. We are looking for intermediate web developers to join us in our Cambridge, Ontario office.

I ‘’d like to think we are a cool couple of guys to work with and we have some amazing customers. If you feel you have what it takes to develop solutions utilizing Microsoft web technologies (ASP, MVC, JQuery, Silverlight, …) send me an email, set up a time to come and talk and lets see if we can make an impact.

I can be contacted at mark.dykun@bittelligentdev.com or by Phone at 519-620-7153

We are located at

9-1111 Franklin Blvd

Cambridge, On

Its about Damn Time

It took Apple to legitimize touch. Not only proving it could be done on relatively low powered devices, but it could be such a natural way for the user to interact with the computer. I have read articles that Both RIM and Microsoft was amazed that it was possible given ‘their’ experience with the power consumption requirements of devices and we caught completely off guard when Apple did deliver on the promise. I found this point interesting especially given the massive R&D budget that Microsoft has and the incredible work they do (Surface, XBox, Kinect).

Last night I watched the CES keynote where Steve Ballmer went through some of the current innovations (XBOX, Kinect, WP7 ..) and gave us a glimpse of what will be coming in 2011, some as soon as the next few months.

I have to say some of what was shown excited me, not necessarily from the on stage tech, but from the new promises that are being ushered in. Now I am sure that you are saying that there is innovation occurring in iOS and Android platforms and you are right, but from a business point of view Windows and Microsoft technology just fits with our visions here at BITtelligent.

So what did I get excited about in no significant order.

1. AvatarKinect

So much of our interaction is within the space of a phone/screen now. Meetings are dry and we do not get any visual queues to body language. Imagine if you will the capability of this technology used to provide the virtual meetings/round tables/lectures. It displays a new and interesting interaction model that I hope leaks outside of the XBOX 360. Kinect in general is awesome and it looks like MS beat its numbers by a mile with a goal of 5 mil units in 2010 and hitting 8 mil.

2. Surface

I have loved the technology that is surface and have waited till (1) it matures enough and (2) the cost is not so prohibitive that I could just go ahead and assume some development risk. The next generation of Surface seems to up the anti with regards to capabilities and I have seeing some indication that it will be less then Gen1 tech. Here is hoping that MS brings it out to Devs at the right price point.

3. Advanced Touch PCs

I cannot express how much this kind of notebook excites me with possibilities ICONIA

In everything we do in the development business we have context. The ability to dynamically replace the keyboard with a touch surface provides ways of optimizing many of the work processes/development duties we do from day to day. I would love the concept of the virtual keyboard as a driver for a much larger desktop computer as well. I will be picking one of these up since Its just too much cool for me to pass on. Maybe just maybe there is something I can whip up for the next Sage event to show off some of my ideas on the platform.

So here is to 2011, hopefully the year of the natural interface and touch to smack us straight in the face.

BTW, I have no desire for 3D tv’s that this time. They do not represent a good value and honestly for me I have yet to find one 3D movie beyond Avatar that would actually merit such a tech.