Exciting Times indeed

This week marks the next milestone in the journey we are taking at BITtelligent Software. and this post marks the official announcement that we have a moved into a corporate office space. While we were more then capable of delivering on our customers projects in the home office that we had set up in we felt it was now time to move out and provide another level of credibility behind the business. Its been a hard week in both completing the move as well as continuing to deliver to our customers but we got through it unscathed.

I would also like to officially welcome Peter Wallace and Cory Fowler to the team. If you don’t know Peter yet he comes to us from Sage Mobile where his role was Software Architect. Peter brings a calm and balanced approach to software development and is always thinking of the critical path and ensuring that the software has the needed infrastructure for the enterprise environment.

Cory is a younger developer with a passion for community. He regularly blogs and is an advocate for Microsoft’s Azure platform. Cory has presented at many events and is always keen to discuss current technologies. Focused on web and Silverlight, and a flair for JQuery, Cory nicely augments the team with desired skills.

Both offer experience and skills that will benefit our customers in the months and years to come.

Over the next little while we will introduce web site revamp (so overdue) to reflect the new place and identify our core competencies. Though we have grown we will continue to hold true to our value system and work diligently with our customers to provide the right services and approaches tailored to each individual’s needs. If your in need of some custom development, or your a Sage SalesLogix business partner looking to augment your development team from time to time or on an ongoing basis please do consider us at BITtelligent. We are always open and willing to discuss ongoing opportunities and partnerships.

It is my hope that now that the team is filling out I will be able to spend some more time on the blogs and we each of our customers ensuring that we continue to meet and as possible exceed the needs in both skill and delivery.

Thanks to all of our customers, and partners, without your support we would not be here. We are looking forward to working with you all for years to come.

With gratitude


SalesLogix .net Extension issue

I was doing some work on a product today that uses .net extensions in SalesLogix. A problem was reported that one of the dependent assembly interfaces could not be located. I jumped on a gotomeeting to confirm that all of the assemblies were being registered from the correct location and had the right version numbers. Confusingly the assemblies looked correct but when registered one of the assemblies did not have the right version number. I decide to search the machine for other instances of the assembly and found that there were versions located in the program files\SalesLogix directory that had the suspicious version number. Once we deleted these rogue assemblies the extension manager resolved the child assemblies correctly. So if you have a problem with your assembly versions not matching up look in your saleslogix folder to see if an old version exists there.

The Apple iPad .. A little of Meh!

Ok, so I have had my iPad for a little over a month now and have used it often. During this time I have been able to formulate my thoughts on it and come to the conclusion that its a OK device, but not revolutionary or magical as the commercial would try to make you think. The fact of it is its no more then a enlarged iPod touch. Features and functionality that we have been use to for several years now. The device is optimized for reading IMHO and that is pretty much what I use it for. When I break it down to what I like about the platform it really is only the blog/pdf reading capabilities and even at that I still like paper books (I know a hold out) as I find with the iPad I shift back from portrait to landscape quite often or pinching to expand/reduce enough to break my reading flow. However what I do not like about the platform seem to be far greater.

1. I feel like i am getting absolutely screwed for my 3G access with Rogers.

2. When I want to download an application that is greater then 20mb it will not do so (even though I have lots of bandwidth) without either tethering or connecting to a wifi network. Both of those options may not be available when I want to get the piece of software I purchased.

3. Most of the applications that are available ‘Are the Suck’. Lets be honest here if they want to report 250,000 apps on the store they should also report 248000 pieces of shit also up there.

4. You have to pay for that crap application to actually verify that you paid for an absolutely craptastic application. Most do not give enough detail or allow some trialware to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

5. Games that want to reach in my pocket and scoop out the last available cents. Last night I downloaded an update to a game that I had purchased. On starting the game I get a you should by the game at .99 cents now as its going up to 1.99 in a week. No option to go to no thanks, and continue. Either purchase or go to their website.

6. Suffice it to say I do not believe the iPad in itself is a great game platform. Do not get me wrong, there are some great things that can be done however for me the platform is not only the game but the interaction with the game. 2 things turn me off 1) the size of it is too big to hold for long durations of time while twisting, turning or tilting that the novelty just wears off. 2) as playing goes on the screen becomes more sticky/difficult to do fluid motions. Fingers get moist and eventually dragging becomes encumbered ensuring that I am not having the most optimal playing experience.

So I will continue to use my iPad for reading when I do not have a book available but otherwise I will be discontinuing my 3G service with Rogers come the end of this month. I will also stop purchasing applications from the store until there is a better way to confirm that what I order is what I really want.