Dynalink 2014 – Small Changes

I’ve been working on a update to Dynalink 2014 and sometimes the smallest changes mean the most.

Change 1 – Job Status Window

Dynalink use to show each of the jobs in separate windows for each configuration. The more I thought about it the less it made sense. The window also would show some internal ids (task and map id) which does not actually make sense for a customer facing view. I have updated the window to now consolidate all running jobs on a given server and changed the columns to make more sense.


I have also moved the stop job menu item from the configuration list to the job status list.

Change 2 – Toast Messages

I have been playing around with the notion of making some of the notifications less intrusive. The one place that I was not happy about was when a job was started from the Administrator. When started a a modal message box was displayed that the user would have to close to continue on. Though not a bad thing I was annoying me enough that I wanted it changed.

As such we have added a Toast Service to our architecture that can be called in place of some of the dialog popups to remove the extra step of closing a status dialog.


I am sure there will be other changes over the next few weeks as we continue to improve Dynalink

ERPLink for Saleslogix 8.1

Currently it looks that there is an issues with the Saleslogix .net extensions that brings an incompatibility to any previous versions of a compiled extension. We can get around this issue by explicitly targeting the version of .net extensions that are supplied with 8.1. We are working on a solution but In the meantime if you are upgrading to Saleslogix 8.1 and require a copy of ERPLink get in contact of support and we can provide you a custom build (If you are a Bittelligent customer)

The Great Path Issue .. Crystal Sucks

wow its 2014 and we are still having problems with the path variable. I have installed ERP 2013/2014 to do some development and testing of ERPLink and was getting the Launcher could not be found error. I tried to Google the issue, and even use Sage KB/Sage city to get an indication why the issue would occur. Unfortunately I could not readily find an answer however a thought dawned on me and I decided to look at the path just for giggles and of course it was well over its usable limit. The biggest culprit was crystal reports/business objects. I resolved the issue by creating a new environment variable for CrystalPath and copied all of the business object path parts into the new variable. I tacked ;%CrystalPath% at the end of the Path variable and now ERP 2014 client opens and runs as expected.

Make sure you check your path if your having load issues with the client after an install!