I’ve been working on a update to Dynalink 2014 and sometimes the smallest changes mean the most.

Change 1 – Job Status Window

Dynalink use to show each of the jobs in separate windows for each configuration. The more I thought about it the less it made sense. The window also would show some internal ids (task and map id) which does not actually make sense for a customer facing view. I have updated the window to now consolidate all running jobs on a given server and changed the columns to make more sense.


I have also moved the stop job menu item from the configuration list to the job status list.

Change 2 – Toast Messages

I have been playing around with the notion of making some of the notifications less intrusive. The one place that I was not happy about was when a job was started from the Administrator. When started a a modal message box was displayed that the user would have to close to continue on. Though not a bad thing I was annoying me enough that I wanted it changed.

As such we have added a Toast Service to our architecture that can be called in place of some of the dialog popups to remove the extra step of closing a status dialog.


I am sure there will be other changes over the next few weeks as we continue to improve Dynalink

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