Now a days very few things get me upset. I have become more mild as I get older but one thing has just been pissing me off. About a month ago I got a call from a Call center with regards to switching me telephone service over to Primus from Bell. I let them know I was not interested and would like to have them put me on the do not call list. They confirmed to me that this would be done.

Every day since, around 3:00 pm I get a call from the same 1-866-516-8111 number. I answer, and wait and it hangs up. Thanks to technology I googled the number and noticed that others have had the same issues as I have. This has happened without end for the last month. Today I decided to try to change my voice (I know sounds strange) but I did make it higher and promptly a call center rep picked up.

I then let the service rep have an earful. I just had it. No I do not want Primus. I would not be upset if they just disappeared off the face of the earth. You can take this transcript to the executives so they can shove it up their …. Not really my best moment but has Sales become this. The constant barrage of calls until you feel so bullied that you just give in. I hope not and I hope this is an isolated thing. I really do miss the days of when Customer service really meant providing quality customer service and that Sales was about the win-win and not the screw-them-till-they-give in method.

If this is your method of obtaining, and for those of you who have loyal customers and have to continually pressure the customers to purchase more services (Bell, Rogers) things surely have to change. People are smarter, they are more informed and will close down to any possibility of using or extending services in the future if you continue to be a bully.

I for one look forward to passive sales methods that embrace rather then aggressive methods that annoy. Be good, be available and focus on the customer.

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