Where to start, …

Father of 3 with a wonderful supportive wife living in Cambridge, On. Its actually great how easy my wife is with me given the software lifestyle I lead.

I work for a Company called Castle CRM out of NY City as the VP of Mobility and it makes sense from a practical point of view as I came from Sage, and before that a company called Corum out of Vaughn, On. While at Corum I was responsible for the Architecture and development of the Mobile product that was aquired by Sage in September 2006.

During my time at Corum I was able to work in many capacities, some fun, and some not so fun but in the long run I got to meet lot’s of really cool people, work with technology that I just feel natural with and bring what I think is a really cool product to market. I was also luckly enough to get to go to the UK, Australia and places in the US and train developers on mobility development with the product.

For some time I have wanted to create a Blog to have a place for my thoughts on products that I develop or consult on, and/or new technologies.

This will be the place, and I hope to keep it up frequently with new  and relevant information.


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