I eagerly downloaded Beta1 of Silverlight yesterday anticipating the cool stuff I was going to enable. With the controls and web service functionality I believed that within a short time I would get something up and running.

So Downloading and installing was easy .. Not much of a problem here. I started up Visual Studio 2008 and created my first Silverlight Application. I reviewed the toolbox and saw all of the new controls available for me to write my application. I selected a button from the toolbox and tried to drag it onto the Canvas … Nothing, I double clicked the button, and again nothing.

It seemed for me, I would have to type in my XAML by hand. So I marched forward and started to code the UI. The fact that I cannot layout controls in the Designer is a big pain for me.

Another issue that I have is that the property browser just does nothing. I do not know if there is something I am missing in the install however all I can see is a label in the middle of the properties pane saying ‘Property editing not available.

I have been able to get some simple examples working but I honestly am not a big fan of having to type out reams of XAML to get something working.

My next steps will be to install Blend and see if that experience bodes a better design time experience.

– Mark

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