I have been working more and more with Silverlight and really like what I see. There have been a few issues thus far that I have been able to get around;

1. When ever I make a change to my web service that the Silverlight application is calling I have to delete the service reference and recreate it or I get some strange errors on execution. I tried rebuilding the references but the errors would still occur. So Delete! Not a big issue now but I can see it rearing its ugly head when it came tome to deploy.

2. I created a user control that had 2 event handlers on it. In the consuming page when I subscribed to both events I would get a strange XML parse error. If I removed either handler attribute it would compile correctly. Since my control was a hack to see how things work I reworked the handler functionality to be more consistent and was able to work through this issue as well.


I am a windows developer at heart and though I develop for the web as well, I just like the flow of developing for the desktop. Silverlight seems to have bridged that gap for me and I am really impressed with this initial release.

I am also finding typing out the XAML by hand because of the Readonly designer a good thing as I am learning the underlying syntax and how the flow of things work.

– Mark

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