Support for SalesLogix 7.x on IIS 7.0 is still not there and for developers this can be a pain and at times can limit adoption to Vista. However all is not lost since most of us are develop using Visual Studio in some capacitiy. Provided with Visual Studio is a personal development web server ‘WebDev.WebServer.exe’. Now do not expect all of the capabilities that are included within IIS, since this is a light ‘Cassini’ like web server it is not practical to expect more then what is required to zip around web sites.

The location of the server initially eluded me as it was supposed to be in the .net 2.0 framework directory but I could not find it there. After a little digging into the registry (Search ‘WebDev.’ F3) I was able to locate the application in the;

c:/Program Files/(x86)Common Files/Microsoft Shared/DevServer/9.0/ Folder

Note that I am running the 64bit version of vista hence the path. The dev server is a windows application that allows for some command line arguments to be passed in to configure a single web site instance. The usage is as such;

WebDev.WebServer.exe /port:<port number> /path:<physical path> /vpath

By default you would be deploying the SalesLogix web client to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\slxclient . So to run the client on port 8085 just execute the following statement :

WebDev.WebServer.exe /port:8085 /path:”c:\inetpub\wwwroot\slxclient” /vpath:”/SlxClient”

Trying to state the server without any command line arguments will display the help dialog showing the usage details.


The final thing that I like to do is to create a shortcut to the server and set the arguments so that I have quick access to the startup instance of any given development web.

That’s it for now

– Mark


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