The a .pkm file in Sage Mobile is nothing more then an xml package that describes any plug-in changes/language string additions that should be applied to a designer. Sage Mobile 5.1 includes a designer upgrade package that includes the following changed plugins/languages strings. If you have made any changes to these files in your customizations please be aware of a update of your code may be required.

Client 2 Server Maps

  • Client2ServerMap (BlackBerry)
  • Client2ServerMap_Blackberry_SLX7

Sever 2 Client Maps

  • Server2Client Map (BlackBerry)
  • Server2Client Map_BlackBerry_SLX7

BlackBerry Queries

  • All_Seccode
  • All_Tickets
  • All_Urgencies
  • Open_Tickets

BlackBerry Action Bars

  • Standard Action Bars

BlackBerry Code Files

  • BaseActivity
  • BaseAllTicketsClientQueries
  • BaseOpenTicketsClientQueries
  • BaseOpportunity
  • BaseTicket
  • SystemStringProvider
  • TicketIDGenerator

BlackBerry Tables

  • Ticket
  • User_Activity

BlackBerry Forms – Type

  • Account
  • Activity
  • Ticket

Windows Mobile Code Behind – Type 1

  • ActivitiesForm
  • BaseActivity
  • BaseHistory
  • BaseHistorySP
  • CalendarPanelSP
  • SetingsFormSP

SmartPhone Forms – Type 20

  • Opportunity_Product

Windows Mobile Table – Type 6

  • Ticket Problem

Windows Mobile PPC Forms – Type 2

  • Opportunity
  • Opportunity_product

Windows Mobile Detail Panel

  • AccountDetailPanel
  • ContactDetailPanel

Language Statements

  • Added Seccode


On a side note when thinking about plug-in naming conventions I cannot say I like the Base prefix on the plug-ins and believe that the ‘base’ should be applied to the end of the plug-in name. This is truly from an organization stand point where the plug-ins could be displayed grouped/categorized in a simple to locate method such as;

  • AccountEntity
  • AccountEntityBase
  • AccountForm
  • AccountDetailPanel
  • AccountAllQuery
  • AccountCompetitorsQuery

– Mark

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