I started actively soliciting the services of my company several months ago. BITtelligent has been running for years and work done for Corum and Castle  have been based on services that I provide. I provide development services to business partners and the Sage community as a whole, and of course to companies outside of the Sage community. In all counts the company has been very successful, and making the full-time transition was the right time. I attribute this to many factors such as needed skills, affordable price point, and availability. We are already looking to hire the right developers to join us in our Cambridge, On office.

Embracing History

As I was the Chief Architect and Director of the Corum Mobile Platform, and later Sage Mobile I am seen in the community as the ‘Mobile’ guy. For the last few months I have been trying to lower that vision of my skills to spread out understanding of the capabilities that I can offer. However, based on conversations with people that I greatly respect It only makes sense to ‘Embrace’ these capabilities and support the community (BPs and end customers) moving forward. To that end if you have any Sage Mobile, or mobile development needs, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be your ‘Mobile Guy’ 🙂

Training anyone

I am looking to gauge interest in advanced Mobile or General development training in the community. If you or your company has such an interest please email me at mark.dykun@bittelligentdev.com . If there is enough interest I will setup some training classes (online or onsite) .  Previously at Corum I trained many, many classes in Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK.

Supporting the Business Partner

One of the focuses of my company (www.bittelligentdev.com) is Business Partner development support where I can augment the partners development team and bring in skills and services that may not be available otherwise.  I provide full product development support (mobile or otherwise) and Sage SalesLogix platform customization support (Windows, Web and Mobility). If you are embarking on a large project and need to augment your existing team please consider BITtelligent as a viable solution.

– Mark

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