As a development company I had been looking for commodity hardware that could meet the daily write/build/deploy needs that I have. I finally found a machine that could readily be purchased from a local electronics retailer and what seemed a amazing price. 8 GB of Ram, Quad 4 64 Bit machine for 1500 bucks. Well I was out last night and stopped in to the same retailer where another computer was on the shelf with comparable specs except for the fact that it had an AMD CPU instead of Intel. This machine was listed for $1299.

I have also been reading that the growth rate for 64 bit Vista is outpacing all others at this time. For me it finally looks as if 64 bit is a legitimate  platform to target windows applications and now is the time to make sure that any existing applications play well.

– Mark

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  1. What drives me nuts on the 64bit version of Windows is that everything gets duplicated. 2 program files folder, 2 registries, even 2 control panels (some items only show up in the 32bit version). Argh! Mixing 32bit programs with 64bit DLL’s or vice versa is also much fun. By contrast on Linux pretty much everything exists in 64bit mode (I am not sure the 32bit compatibility mode is even available) since they are easily installable from source so it is just about seamless.

    Still, now that driver and application support are both good there is not much reason to stick with 32bit for anything but low-end machines.

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