Today I got a call from one of my customers that could not build the new web client in the RC2 install of 7.5. The error that was occurring was due to the fact that some Attribute types could not be resolved. After looking at all of the usual suspects I decided to look at the Visual Studio build project that is created when the interfaces were being build. I also looked at a local project that I had here in the office.

Close inspection showed that the Sage.Platform reference path was different on the 2 machines. Mine was within the application directory where his was in a installed web client bin directory. This seemed strange to me, however I looked in the bin directory and noticed that the assembly dates were early 2008. Definitely an old version of the web client and would not have the functionality that was being referenced.

Note that this web client was installed in the Application Architect folder path as a sub directory. We moved the folder out of the Program File directory and then restarted AA and all compiled correctly. So it looks as if the process of generating the entity interfaces and compilation will have a difficult time if the web client is stored under the AA folders.

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