I was reading this morning on how Apple decided to to allow an iPhone application to be released on their App Store site because of their internal perception of market demand. Specifically citing ‘little utility ‘ in the response letter to the developer. I can understand if Apple set standard/Policies of the types of application that can be created but to determine that the application will not have a broad appeal seems so quite draconian to me. Given that Apple completely controls the distribution channel for the device I believe they are held to a higher level of openness and to consider the fact that the market will determine the kinds of applications it wants and are willing to pay for. It is completely fair for Apple to have some kind of metric that determines when an application is removed based on inactivity however to not allow an application completely again is in my opinion is wrong. I can also assume the determination if an application has broad appeal lies on a select few internal resources and this selection process I am going to believe is based on those individuals ‘gut’ feelings.

In this age where we as a developer community are crying out for more openness, and opportunity is Apple going backwards? They control hardware, software, and now the market place, they are trying to control the levels of communication and interaction that the developer community has.

I guess the question I want to ask is can Apple still do no wrong? What is the market share Apple has to have before we start to ask for more as a developer community supporting their platform. I may be off track here but the one thing I can always attribute to Microsoft over other vendors is the support they give to there development community, and the level of openness has only gotten better.

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