As of Monday BITtelligent software has hit its 5 month anniversary, Its been around much longer but only really active in the public for the last 5 months. For me certain milestones exist to benchmark how a company is headed. Opening the office, the first customer, the first paid invoice :), the second customer, and hiring your first employee are some of the exciting milestones that have happened very quickly. As of Monday, we will have a new developer working for BITtelligent helping with the ongoing workload. For me this is a very exciting time and represents a shift in the capabilities we will be able to provide and the level of commitments that we can well, …. commit to.

Joel will initially be focused in getting up to speed on the SalesLogix LAN/Web Client allowing for our company to take on more LAN to web conversion if they come up. We will also be looking at building out some Web Client vertical solutions more so around day to day services and needs that we have here but to a point that they will be engineered and available to the outside community as a whole.

We are also going to start to engage the community more around the Sage Mobile Platform, from a support and development side of things, and introduce over time advanced developer training specific on getting the most out of the platform and identifying the tool sets and processes required to implement customer solutions faster with less risk. Some of the things you might see are some new functionality plugged into Mobile App Architect to provided ‘extra’ support in getting your customizations completed.

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