Microsoft just recently released the 3rd commercial in their new advertising campaign. This commercial moves away form the Gates/Seinfield style into a more open based approach. One of the things that bothered me about the “I am a Mac” advertisements were that they played on ones self esteem. Being a developer really there is already enough post 70’s stereotypes of what a typical PC user was. As a PC your were not cool, you would break down, you would have instabilities. The stereotype was to define what a PC was dull/boring/and utilitarian. As both a PC and a MAC (I own both) have found both platforms equally successful and also equally problematic at times. Having a Mac does not make you smarter, more creative or any better then the person beside you that has a PC. At times it may even be challenged that the PC offers a better value and a lower TCO. In the 3rd commercial MS tackles the misperception that a PC can be boxed into a single stereotype, and in my opinion does well to flatten the playing field by showing diverse peoples in different industries all claiming to be a PC. The culture of Mac and Linux needs to be in my opinion more inclusive then they are today.

I have written it before and I will say it again, Apple seems to hold too much control of the products, software and worst of all market place if it does become a monopoly based on its current strategies it could be far worse then either IBM or Microsoft was in the past. Sometimes its hard to see the forest through the trees when one is blinded by the sparkle of a shiny apple.

I said I was a PC and a Mac, but thinking of it really I am an opportunist, and will do the right thing for my customers.

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