This week I was engaged on a project with the SalesLogix BP Pythagoras. Working with Nick Hollis, and Johathan Langley on a Mobile project. I have to say it has been a treat working with these guys. I also have to say that there is some culture shock that I had to get through in my travels.

Arriving in the UK

When I got here I jumped into a Black cab, well as I understand it this is not the best use hard earned dollars. By the time I finally got the the hotel (Bird in the Hand) I was well into a 240cdn dollar investment (wow) . A little confusion at the hotel but I finally got settled in without a hitch.

Where’s the Entertainment , Cannot get Connected

Initially I was setup in a Bed and Breakfast but after finding out that the accommodations did not have Internet access I was moved into a 14th century hotel with WiFi access. When I finally got into my room I found that the WiFi was not working and unfortunately the television only had 3 channels. (ugh).  For sunday it was ok since I was going into London for a day of sightseeing.

In London, my train was delayed

On Sunday, to acclimatize myself to the time zone change I headed into London very early. Since I was there alone I was in power walk mode zipping from Paddington, to the parks, and off to Buckingham Palace. Halfway through the day I decided to head back to hotel, however the plans were de-railed with an unfortunate fatality that shut down the trains for several hours.

Monday, Kickoff, Hotel Got Better

Monday was the first day I was working with Nick and Jonathan and it went very well. The mobile environment got setup and we were well into exploring the customization capabilities of the mobile platform. When I headed back to the hotel there was a pleasant surprise with bot the WiFi working and the Natasha, manager at the hotel arranged for a Digital TV to be brought to my room. It was a very nice thing for them to do and very much appreciated.

Meeting with some Friends

After work on Tuesday both Mike Spragg and Mark Cooper came up for dinner. The evening was filled with Geek talk and was a great time.  By this time of the 3 times I had dinner at the hotel 2 times I ate Lamb. Unfortunately the menu selection was not quite to my tastes.


I will post more in the next few days, including an issue I have found with the Mobile Platform.


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