I think the older I get the more I find my self annoyed with the way some code is written. If its mine or some code from another developer I need to review/grok to understand how the code is written can really impede understanding.

One of the things that VS2008 introduced with C#3.0 is auto implemented properties. The more I use these the more I really like the whole idea and the cleanliness. Not only does it reduce the amount of boilerplate code but it reduces the amount of scan code to be read. The pre auto implemented property signature I now consider white noise .. stuff around the intent that generally offers little value in most cases.

I however do like white space in source code files. Trying to determine where a conditional ends, what is the statement intent or other when lines run into each other can make a developers job more difficult. If you write code that someone else needs to understand put in proper spacing so that it is easy to read. Comments would be nice but if time does not allow (sometimes it does not) at least allow for the code to be read more easily.

I also like regions and code organization where like items are grouped (Private Fields, Public Members, Implemented Interfaces) rather then having them all over the file. Its amazing the amount of productivity to be gained if a little effort is made to be consistent.


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