I am still on the fence wether Facebook is a good or bad thing. Really I believe it is both as it has the capability of re-linking people that are what to be ‘Friends’ but it also has created a forum for centralized bullying to continue past time and geographical distances.

The other day I did connect with an old friend from middle school Mike Tyler. I have yet to speak with him, but in looking at his profile I started to see how he has turned out almost 30 years later. Mike had become an Artist, and in a way this caught me aback thinking about the 12 year representation of him. I never though of him specifically within that career choice. I went to his web site and was very impressed with the sculptures he had on display. You can see some of his work here .

Looking back on my thoughts of Mike and what he is doing now and what I would have perceived him doing made me think about the problem I have with Facebook. Its not a leveler in so much that people really can see who your are now, but they will always reflect back to who you were when they knew you. Honestly some of those times were not so great and should be left in the past.

Reflecting back on my childhood, I would hope that most people look back at their childhoods fondly, I really could not say the same. before I hit High School the years were not too kind to me. I would liken my self to ‘Screech’ from saved by the bell, pretty awkward and having a difficult time of things. Home life was not great and that reflected with who I was during those years. I think it also helped define me in so much as my determination which reflects to this day with my work ethic, and drive to learn and do better each day. High school was a bit better, but during those years I started to really build out my confidence and surprisingly got much deeper in to what would be my chosen career path. Since High school I have done quite a few things that has made my life interesting and met lots of people on the way that are rich in experiences and I am grateful to know each and every one of them. In the tradition of 25 things I will list some stuff about me that may be of interest

  1. Married for 12 years to Kaley, I proposed over the phone while on a contract in Calgary
  2. Have 3 wonderful children, Rebecca, Brianna, Christian (hope they do not get into computers)
  3. Have my own business, Wake up very tired , go to bed very tired
  4. I have trained people in technology in Australia, the UK, Arizona and Canada (one of my favorite things to do)
  5. I am not afraid of risk, I usually jump in with 2 feet and see where it takes me
  6. I rarely start something new such as a hobby, or music. Though I invest heavily in pretending I will some day do so (owned 2 pianos, cannot play, 1 drum set, lots of tools)
  7. I like to think I am handy but probably not. For me its better to pay someone to do what there good at then for me to mess it up
  8. I have 2 dogs (Teddy and Ralph). I both love my dogs and hate my dogs
  9. I love my job and the people I work with. Its hard work, but for me its quite rewarding
  10. My son is American. He was born in Bellevue, Washington while I was working at Infospace
  11. I loved living in Washington, I would go back in a heartbeat if the right offer presented it self. Also Melbourne would be great
  12. I like food way to much, and exercise too little (hence my somewhat round figure)
  13. I am a Geek, love the tech, and enjoy talking about it with peers
  14. Have to learn to rest. When I am not working, I am reading about stuff I work with. TV on, book still in the hands.
  15. Holidays can be painful. As with point 14 work seems to drive me. I guess I would be considered a work-a-holic
  16. 2 of the companies I have done work for have been sold for a combined sum approximately 75 million. The first one when said and done closed in the neighborhood of 650 million. Both were small companies and I have a direct effect in them getting sold.
  17. In my lifetime I have been a laborer, worked in a laboratory, been developer, Architect, Director (2 x) , VP and a Business owner but through most of it I would consider myself a code jockey.
  18. I love to watch movies, we have 4 televisions and currently the basement is being finished into an entertainment hub with a large movie screen
  19. I do not think I have a favorite food, however a great Steak gets me every time. Wherever I go I have to try out one of the local Steakhouses. Canada (good), US (good), AUS(not so good), UK (again not so good). When I started at Castle Bill Zarbock took me to a place in Brooklyn named Peter Luger was a excellent experience. A client once bet me $50 that I could not eat a 36 oz steak. I won but hobbled out of the restaurant. (cannot eat that way anymore)
  20. Not really a car guy. Been looking just cannot find one that makes me want to part with the $$. Though about getting one of the new Camero’s coming out in a few months but can’t even see doing that. As you can imagine solving the midlife crisis is going to be hard.
  21. I do not spend enough time with my kids. Back to working all the time. Good thing is I work out of the house most of the time which lets me see and hear them lots, just not as much quality time as I would like
  22. I have the Ontario weather, extreme heat, extreme cold, and a lot of crap in the middle. Summers seemed so much better 30 years ago. Now not so good.
  23. I own a pool table, played it half a dozen times. Exercise bike, rode it have a dozen times. Big massage chair, thousands of times. One of my first big purchases when I was in the middle of the Dot Com boom. it’s now 9 years old and still going.
  24. In the past tended to buy crap that I did not need, or ever use. No, not so much so. Started to realize the pattern and with the 12 step plan got the ‘gotta have it’ monkey off my back. Most money now goes into the business investments (like to have to good work toys)
  25. Mind is always going. I get very little sleep nowadays as I cannot turn off I also have chronic back pain and keep a bottle of Robax on my desk for those ‘Bad’ moments.




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