So Twitter is this cool conversational tool, we all get that. With micro-posts we can tell everyone who cares what we are doing at any given moment. If we so choose the momentary brain fart that is growing in our heads can be quickly deposited into a message the size of 140 characters. For uber geeks it seems like the perfect choice for long term, non regionalized discussions. When someone wants to join in the the conversation they indeed do. This I am very cool with but what I am finding, and I am sure it happens to all of the ‘Twitteratti” is those that are following seem to be less those interested in the conversation and more those wishing to muddy the waters with pure crap. Lately more and more are following me. Names like Kristal, Katie, and Kristen. Droves of female followers. Now one would think that a Geek developer would be ecstatic  with the endless stream of followers that seem to be likened unto exotic dancers in some far away place, but really the fact is that these individuals represent a single URL/Company and in my mind is nothing more then spam.

I currently use Twhirl and for the life of me cannot find a way to ‘boot’ or ‘Deny’ a follower access to follow me. Kinda like the 50 ft restraining order, it would be nice to have a hedge of protection from the commercial underbelly that seems to be bubbling up more each day.

I am also seeing a trend on Facebook as well where individuals are identifying themselves as friends. People of whom I have never met that only want to connect to solicit their wares. Case in point last night I got a friend request from an individual that is trolling for Primerica, looking for recruits to continue the legion of failing money managers here in Ontario. I do not see where someone would think I would in anyway want to expose myself, or the matter fact my friends to any of these schemes.

A call to action to the creators of Twitter, allow me the courtesy to control the list of followers. In a way this could save you some effort and band with in distributing the results because we as the community can clean out the legions of crap followers, who do not represent individuals that are genuinely interested in the conversation or what I have to say, but are there like shills to ruin the experience for all.

A call to action for the developers of Twhirl, please give me a better UI. Allow for grouping and organization of messages that come in. I do not always want to read from top to bottom. I would like to group all messages on the same screen in a hierarchal view. I would also like to remove/clear out all of the replies to my messages and not see them every day when I log in.

For me Twitter messages are conversational, I really do not need them archived and any conversation that needs to be long lived will be in the form of an email. When I press the clear button, please actually remove the messages and not just hide them from view.

For those who follow, please bear in mind that I am a software developer. When I post more then likely it will be geek in content or some wild ass brain fart that revels some current thought. I do not buy crap from companies that I do not know. I do not download shit from sites that could cause any kind of disruption to my life. Get rich schemes, get a free item … garbage does not interest me in any way. I have enough computers, technology and things I need that I will not subscribe for the **Free** gift. If there is something I want I can afford to pay for it and will happily do so to support the economy, and companies that I believe in.  So if you are following with the intent to try and get me to sign up, download, or whatever it will be a waist of your time

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  1. Welcome to the new world of social spam.

    Sounds like the UI of TweetDeck might be more of what your looking for than Twhirl. TweetDeck allows you to group the people you follow, so you’ll have a column for each group, like a group for “developers”, a group for “saleslogix”, a group for “personal”, etc. You can also make tweet filters, etc to better control the tweets you want to see and those you do not – it is especially nice around election times to filter out the political tweets 🙂 Plus the newest release includes Facebook integration too (I’ve not tried that part yet).

    I do love Twhirl, it is nice a simple, but Tweetdeck does give you more control over the information flow


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