Ya, a goofy title, I agree.

This post is somewhat a rant and I hope that it is received well. I generally get many, many requests on how to do something on SalesLogix web platform, or coding in general. I have not really a problem with the questions that are directed as could you point me in the right direction, or what are your thoughts. I do however have a problem with the requests that come in for full working examples of functionality. The reason I have problems is that for the most part its pushing the development and and training effort on me. The fact that I may have the ability to create the solution quicker does not negate that there are real hard costs to making the solution work, generally of which the requester is working on a billing project. Creating this examples can take anywhere from an hour to many hours, I have even had request for work that would take days to provide a solution. For the most part those who also request are not supporters of the community and are only looking for a quick solution to something that is racking their brain.

This is where I remind those who request these working samples that software development is what I do. These things you request are things that I have personally had to learn and invest my time into. I am in no way compensated by Sage to support the community, there is no MVP program, or recognition system. I have to pay to be a partner, for my development software and all of the books that I read to ensure that I keep ahead of the curve. The other thing to keep in mind that I have work commitments like the rest of you to deliver code as expediently as possible and creating these samples pushes billable hours, and can encroach on the little family time left.

I have been toying with a couple of ideas, and would appreciate some feedback to what you dear reader think of the feasibility.

1. Create and distribute a monthly SalesLogix web Journal for a sum of $ per year (Good Idea, what would you be willing to pay)

2. Create a training video subscription that includes web, mobile, C#, debugging topics (Good Idea, what would you be willing to pay)

3. Developer on hand program. For those that only need a few hours per month a way to have direct access and get the coding samples you need but would pay for them

4. Fly on the Wall training. When doing an engagement having web ex meetings on specific items to have a developer watch and mentor around the most difficult parts to be delivered.

5. Architectural review and pre-engagement consulting

I really think that all 5 are advantages for any BP looking to be able to do more web business even if they do not have the core developer completely up to speed on the web development. It also allows you to tie the costs to a development and not have more bench time to finance.

Some of the other things I am trying to gauge and hopefully you can provide some feed back is around specific community needs.

1. Do you see a need for Mobile Development Book if so would you buy one and what would your expectation of price.

2. Do you see a need for more mobile training outside of what Sage provides.

3. Do you see a need for virtual events where several industry notables (Ryan Farley, Stephen Redmond, and Me ) provide special event training. Is this something you would attend?

4. What gaps do you see in tooling. documentation, training, support, and development do you see that would make your life much easier to deliver compelling solutions.

If something I provide helps you please also do send me a small email and let me know. Its always good to hear feedback.

Thanks for reading, If you have any thoughts please email me at mark.dykun@BITtelligentdev.com or give me a call at 519.260.0999. 

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