0-60, is a metric used to determine how long it takes a car to get to the top speed. The better the car is tuned the the lower the time to reach 60 mph. I was wondering on the weekend if this metric could be used in software development or more accordingly in the usage pattern of a company implementing a solution. Instead of 0 to 60 mph, why not 0-60% efficiency using the CRM, or EPR or some other software. So how long will it take your team to get 60, or 80 or even 100% value from your chosen software package. I suspect 100% is not a realistic target, but is 80% and if it is, what does it take to get there.

Talking with a business partner about the use of company internal developers vs. external BP based SalesLogix developers I wondered how long it would take for the internal developers, the ones that work for the end customer, to become 60% efficient at creating the customizations needed for the business to succeed. Also given the current economic climate where the internal developers are asked to do more in their already busy workday, how much of their focus would be on learning the technologies. These constraints can slow down the ability to reach that 60% efficient goal dramatically.

Couple the friction of getting the solution completed internally (technology, resources, capability) with the need for the business to get the solution in their hands, the initial perceived savings of in house development may actually be out of grasp. With a car, you can tweak and tune, and if needed be change the exhaust, tires, and even the engine the same cannot be said with a developer. When there is a business running on the software or solution it can better to couple with a partner, or developer who already has a tuned engine to aid in winning the race.

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