Now that SalesLogix 7.5.2 has officially released I wanted to revisit my decision to avoid ‘Code Snippet Actions’. I have been traditionally been using the Code snippets (Obsolete) actions in the past due to issues that I was having with the new form interface based actions. So for the last little while on several of the projects I have been working a specifically decided to to write all my UI event handlers using the form based actions. I have to say that I am very pleased in the stability that 7.5.2 introduced. It is a great step in the right direction. For the simplest UI based customizations it seems like a practical choice and it will be within my recommendations moving forward.

Now, even though it looks as if the code issues of working with Code Snippet actions have been resolved there is still a way to go until it is a very efficient way to develop advanced UI functionality. I want to cite several items that still need to be addressed.

1. Views that are generated and then translated into custom smart parts will fail to work. A form based interface is generated based on all of the designer forms in AA. Once a form is unbound from AA (made custom and moved into support files) the interface is no longer generated and your snippet methods will fail.

2. Accessing any non-interface defined properties or methods means casting to a specific control type. This kind of code is much easier to resolve in Visual Studio.

3. Common classes, shared methods are not first class citizens. If you want to create utility methods that are shared for all of your rules (UI/Business) you either have to create an external assembly and reference it or create an empty handler and add code after the closing } for the class definition that will be globally visible.

4. Though the platform is now based on 3.5 framework the CodeSnippets are defined as a 2.0 project so it may only be possible to have some of the new .net 3.5 goodness in a external assembly at this time. (I want to confirm this and see if there is a code gen script that can be updated)

One of the targets for 7.5.2 was increased performance. In this regard I have to say I am very happy, all around it seems snappier and more responsive.

It really looks as if this release is definitely moving the platform forward.

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