I work with SalesLogix and support development on the Web Platform. With the introduction of 7.5.2 Sage started to introduce their fixes as web rollups, which consolidated several HF’s into one cohesive package. Each rollup builds upon the last and brings enhancements to the platform in areas such as speed and stability.  Like windows, or Mac or any other critical platform/application SalesLogix benefits from this from these patches being applied. The problem with patches within SalesLogix is there is the possibility that some Business Partner intervention is required, and probably recommended to ensure that the patch was applied correctly and that any of the customizations that have been created have not been overwritten or if required re-tweaked to work with any of the new changes. Given that this level of support is required you may very well hesitant on getting the patches applied but in the long run the costs on not applying the patches may outweigh the cost and effort of keeping them up to date.

Here are some of my recommendations to help mitigate the patch risk and keep things running as efficiently as possible.

1. Have your BP/Development partner have a backup of your latest VFS and a test\development database to work off of

2. Do not share Production with Testing/Development environments

3. Have your BP apply the patches after determining the impact areas and making the required changes. Note this bodes well with #1 if you have advanced customizations as the partner is more prone to have a toolset to solve any integrations issues more effectively instead in a Test/Production Environment.

4. Work off of project Backups. Even though the partner will be working against the bundles supplied by Sage you should expect a full project backup. This will ensure that you get everything that is working and only have to apply one or 2 things to production (.sxb possibly)

Depending on the scope of the HF the effort from the Business Partner will change however by following the steps outline you will be assured that the rollup can be installed and applied into product with a lower risk and a shorter window of downtime.

Currently there are 5 rollups available for 7.5.2. Are you up to date?

– Mark

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