Next week I will be in California at the Microsoft Build conference. The day the conference was announced and registration availability was opened I signed up. For the last few years the direction that MS was going to take moving forward in their platform and OS was, well cloudy. The company I operate offers development services for MS based services and visibility and direction is paramount when it comes to providing insight and solutions to each of our customers.

I clearly have a affinity towards .net and the stack that surrounds the runtime. Be it Win forms, web with MVC or Silverlight, and in the future Mobile, its how I and the developers working for me make their living. I liked what I saw in Silverlight from a productivity standpoint. The types of applications that you can write (note I said applications and not web sites) can have a usability and a ROI that beats so many other technologies out there. It has been Microsoft’s strength in the past, and hopefully in the future that they build developer tools that allow the millions of us to just get it done.

I will be blogging from Build, and of course the occasional tweet on the findings. I expect it to be a busy week and hopefully thought provoking and provide a nice jolt to get my creative juices flowing again.


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