As I prepare to leave the hotel to head home I am writing this. This week I attended the first Swiftpage run Saleslogix conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. I love the state, and the location always is a easy choice to host our group of Saleslogix partners, developers and Swiftpage employees.

For many of us in the community this was the first time to interact with the upper management, and hear the story behind the acquisition. The conference crossed a 2 1/2 day period and covered a myriad of topics. I was able to provide a talk on ‘.net extensions and SData’ . Although the time of my session was compressed as the earlier session ran on, I believe it was received positively. I hope to blog on the subject in the future.

I was happy to see a lot of old faces from the Saleslogix community past, and the story’s were abound by the fire pit over drinks. A lot of laughs were had, new friends made and the goal of networking succeeded.

The fact that Swiftpage had the conference with the  amount of work that each and every swifty has was incredible and should be commended. The primary importance this year was not content, or entertainment or any other indicator. The only importance here was for us, the most loyal of partners and those who invest their livelihood on the success of the platforms was  to meet the team who is running the company and understand how this story that began in May will play out. I feel in that respect I am more enlightened and can start to steer my company in the right direction.

I am hoping that there is a conference next year, and we can all sit by the fire and talk about how successful we and Swiftpage have become as partners in this journey together.

I raise a beer to the Swiftpage nation

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