From time to time we need to cut back the bushes and trees to make them more manageable in our garden. This also helps ensure that they do not grow too big for their surroundings. Once done we can sit back on our deck and have a nice cold drink and just enjoy the view.

With Saleslogix 8 some changes to the way of the product got delivered made be think of this analogy. Within that timeframe a decision was made to include several localizations out of the box (French, Italian, Russian, and Danish I believe). The VFS (where all the customizations were stored) grew from approximately 200 MB all the way to a whopping 1GB when exported to the file system. Now though I think for the community as a whole this is a good thing to ensure that all localized versions are rolled out at the same time it does have a cost for organizations that really only need one targeted language.

Interesting enough a solution is fairly simple before you start your development/upgrade scenario. Lets just do some pruning. Basically I recommend after backing up your VFS for safe keeping going in and purging the non needed localizations


The easiest way to start is to export the VFS to a file based model (FLS) through the workspace manager.This allows us to work locally and use simple search/delete from windows explorer.

The main resource files are scattered throughout the model so I will start at the root and of the model and using the search look for all the files that end with *.[locale].resx


I complete this search for the following terms:

  • *.de.resx
  • *.ru.resx
  • *.it.resx
  • *.fr.resx

Each search should return approx 1522 files. After each search select all the files and [delete]. Once you delete all of the resource files you have removed about 40MB of extra assets.

The next step I do is visit each of the portals in the model. There are 2 sub folders in each portal that we need to be thinking of.

  1. SupportFiles\Bin
  2. SupportFiles\Help

Each of these folders contain specific sub folders for each of the extra Lanages. In these folders select the \RU, \IT, \FR, \DE sub folders and delete them as well. Deleting the sub folders in the bin folder will save several MB however the real win is in deleting the localized help folders. In the SalesLogix client portal the help saves more then 350MB.

Ultimately once this is all done the size of the VFS goes down from 1.04GB to 448MB. Quite the savings and ultimately will aid in deployment times and storage backup needs. This should also lower the memory requirements in depoyment as your removing 6+ K of files that need to be inspected for changes.

As always good development means good practices.

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