Each day I feel like I am writing a book. A tome that spans decades and includes so many smaller stories, and interesting characters. If I had to have put the words to paper I would have been unable. First my writing skills are a tad weak, and some things in life just have to be experienced to understand. For the last year I have had the privilege to work for Castle CRM in New York City. The executive team Tony, Bill, Kurt and the staff has been one of the best I have had the pleasure of working with. And meeting the countless customers and been a thrill. The team at Castle is great and it was one of those good sub stories for my ongoing book.

I however decided that it was time for me to ‘stake a claim’ and get my company up and going as a full time endeavour. This was a hard decision for me and took lots of sleepless nights, but in the end the change is for the best and in my opinion a very exciting time.

I have a old school mentality about level of service that I would like to share here and the reason I though that this was the right time to make this jump. Several indicators exist in the global market place that allow a software consultancy company like mine an attractive fit.

  1. In a downturn economy companies are going to look at ways to reduce there costs. Larger consultancy companies have a much higher floor in billing rates due to infrastructure surrounding the consultant.
  2. Distributed development has taken hold. Companies are warming up to the thought that you do not have to have a body in the office to ensure that work is getting done.
  3. Agile Methodologies are also gaining traction. There are many cases of development, or CRM customization where traditional processes are not needed. An individual capable of handling both the Business Role and Technical implementation can reduce the amount of cross talk.
  4. Software is Organic .. back on point 3, success does not come from generating large texts and process documents. Success comes working with the knowledge matter experts and building a product overtime that meets the users need. Having a physical application, or feature set working so the user can validate it determines the success.
  5. Offshore development to India or other development centre does not guarantee success.  Culture, language barriers, political changes and increasing labour costs are some of the issues. To succeed in offshore development process needs to be added at the level of PM’s, BA’s and Architects. There is also a requirement to have a paired PM onsite at the development centre.
  6. Small consultancy jobs. I believe that there are opportunities for the small duration work items. What we do in consultancy is create a relationship on good work and trust and should be thankful for the 4 hour request as well as the 4 month one.
  7. Migration, and new technology shifts. There is a ton of applications that exist built on VB6 or earlier, or Fox Pro.  Microsoft is discontinuing IDE support on VB and Fox Pro is pretty much done. There will be a time when it makes sense to either retire the application or migrate on top of a current technology stack. If this migration becomes more ‘affordable’ it just makes sense.

and Finally,

If you provide great services at a fair price, you make your self available for when the customer needs and you listen there will opportunity to succeed. Never take your relationships with your customers for granted.

All things being equal, this is an exciting time indeed.

This being said, We are open for business and you can locate us at www.bittelligentdev.com

– Mark

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