I just wanted to say what a great guy Scott Hanselman is. Not only does he have a huge impact in the Microsoft developer community, but he also takes time to answer questions when asked. I am in the market to upgrade my development PC and was looking for some advice on motherboard, etc. that could handle 8 GB of ram. (My local installer could not offer any). I shot him an email, he replied and again warning me to be sure to flash to the latest BIOS. What he did was not a big thing, but was a nice thing.

If you do not know Scott check out his blogs here

Thanks Scott


  1. Thanks, what a nice thing to say! When you flash that BIOs, you’ll need a USB key and you’ll need to make it DOS bootable, boot off it and update the BIOs from there. It’s tricky, but Jeff Atwood walked me through it. Let me know if you have trouble.

  2. Ryan, I definately agree. The Information Scott posts is always invaluable. Scott, thanks again. I am always amazed at the openess of yourself and Scott Guthrie and the support you give to the community.

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