I decided to change my Tag-Line from ‘Thoughts of a Code Monkey’. After thinking about it for a while it seemed to me that I was minimalizing our capability by using phrasing that eludes to visions of a thoughtless developer pounding on the keys given the ‘Code Monkey’ wording. So to help reduce the confusion of what I or my company does I thought a change was in order.

While at Insights one of the recurring items that would come up often was that I was the ‘Mobile’ guy. Now do not get me wrong, I am proud of the work I have done in the creation of the Sage Mobile product and am so willing to work to help other partners get their customer solutions developed on Sage Mobile, but it is my hope that the general understanding is  I/We (as my company grows) are capable of delivering software solutions wether they be Mobile, Windows or Web.

– Mark


  1. Makes sense. How about getting your name in the blog title? So instead of just:

    “Development, SalesLogix and General Ramblings”

    you’d have:

    “Mark Dykun on Development, SalesLogix and General Ramblings”

    Or something like that? I was just noticing that your name doesn’t appear on your blog anywhere. Just a thought. You do need your name somewhere so when people come across the blog they know who you are.


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