In a few hours I will be ending my Insights journey this year and heading back to Toronto. While here I had the pleasure to be able to hang out with Ryan Farley whom I consider an incredible asset to the community and just a general all around nice guy. We share a common thread as we are both incredible code geek’s and could talk about lots of cool things.

One of the things that hit me most with the presentations was that the Sage Saleslogix development team are delivering the technologies that we as a partner community are going to need.

SDATA Implementation

I was quite impressed with the SDATA service implementation that allows full CRUD RESTfull access to SalesLogix data. The great thing about this technology is that it is a Sage initiative and not only targeted at the SalesLogix product. New and exciting integrations and 3rd party access will be available.  I already have some Ideas churning on how to user this technology in various scenarios.

Configurable Deployments

Another item mentioned was the capability of creating configurable deployments and then being able to snapshot the deployment. Follow me on this one for a moment;

  1. You create functionality that needs to be tested, so it is deployed out to the test server
  2. You snapshot that deployment which creates an image of all of the required components and stores it external to the designer
  3. New requirements come in and you need to add them to the system. You can continue to work on the base system as you have a ‘snapshot’ of what is on the testing server.
  4. The initial tests pass and need to deploy to production
  5. Select the deployment you want to deploy to and choose to deploy from snapshot


With this functionality you will also have full rollback capabilities. Pretty Cool eh!

UI Enhancements

So the product just looks nicer. Grids are more responsive and the work with the SDATA service to give a more cohesive feel.  I am sure when you see it you will agree, the design team did a great job in making the web client look like top notch. Added is Stackable tabs and depending on how you would like to work you can either have the child tabs that work today or you can drag each tab into the center drop region to have the child smart part always displayed.

Workspaces and visualizations are also new and in the future I will blog about them.

Also a more work has been done to have client parity between the Web and Windows clients. New entities and functionality has been added for orders, Support and other key items.

Development Enhancements

This is usually where I get the most warm and fuzzy, just because of my development background but several noteworthy enhancements have been made.

  1. Easier access to item create wizards (Forms, Entities…)
  2. Drag and Drop of fields onto Quick Forms.
  3. Form interface for developing customizations outside of the smartpart itself including support for Code Complete in AA

When the Product goes into BETA I will discuss more details on the AA enhancements. 

Wrap up

It has been a great time meeting with every one (except Nicolas Galler whom I was hoping to meet). I really look forward to continue the discussions and relationships started here.

– Mark


  1. Sorry I disappointed – next year I will try and convince our slave dr^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H boss to bring me along!

    Looks like cool stuff coming through, can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Wow with all going on I am sorry I didn’t have the chance to run into you both.. Next year Beer is on me

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