Last night I attended a local user group meeting on then Entity Framework (included in VS 2008 Sp1). The presentation was given by Bruce Johnson of ObjectSharp consulting. I enjoyed the presentation and finished up with the though that this implementation of a ORM solution is more then likely what I will settle on for future development. The defining moment … 3 things for me (1) The SQL generated was very clean and seemed optimized. I have been looking as some NHibernate queries lately and they seem (at least to me) somewhat heavy/ugly. (2) I really like LINQ and the query notations and could not use it directly against the SalesLogix provider (SQLClient only) and since with the Framework the provider/connection string can be provided this limitation has been lifted. I really think this will help bootstrap the development process for me and decrease my time to market . (3) I also quite like the visual designer built into the tool set and it allows the mapping/creation of the context/data objects to be a first class citizen.

I hope to play with this technology more in the future.

– Mark


  1. Can you now use it with other providers than SQL server? If so it may finally be a serious contender to NHibernate (which is long overdue – IMHO they have been resting on the lack of competition and could use a good kick in the butt). Linq to Saleslogix will be sweet!

  2. Hey Nicolas, Yes the entity framework with work with other providers such as oracle and MySQL. Competition is a really good thing and I really like the generated SQL out of the entity framework much better then that out of NHibernate. I know that there is some adoption difficulty for companies having to install 3.5 of the .net framework, but the inclusion of these framework classes coupled with the Office 2007 integration enhancements could give SalesLogix Lan Client some more life while other toolsets are being built out.


  3. Mark,
    Have you gotten Linq TO Entities to work with SalesLogix? I was playing around with it, but couldn’t figure out how to set the connection string in code. Any suggestions?


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