Within my core I am a windows developer. Using the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies to get the job done. I do own a mac but one of the first things I did when I got it was to install Parallels and XP sp that I could continue my regular development gig.

Well over the last little while the mobile world has changed with the introduction of the IPhone and Android coming soon from Google. I have decided to kick the tires on both of these environments and put myself into new and exciting territories. This morning I downloaded the Android SDK and the Eclipse plug-in and had the conical hello world working in 5 minutes. I also downloaded Xcode from apple and started to look at the IDE. When it comes to using the Android SDK I should be fairly OK given it is in Java and I have BlackBerry development experience but the Xcode and iPhone has me a little apprehensive with the whole objective-C thing.

Watch my blog as I go through the learning curve with both of these technologies. I am thinking as a test I will build a SalesLogix client on each of these devices to contrast the effort and given my experience it seems to be a natural fit.

– Mark

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