We have IE, Firefox, Opera web browsers already. Looks like Google is now poised to enter the Browser market with their Chrome browser. I just noticed this so I do not have a lot of details, but from the screen shots it really looks like a less then stellar release. Do we really need another browser to have to test for?


  1. I think this is just ridiculous. As a web developer, I am not excited about yet another browser to test.

    Actually, I found it surprising that they did their own rather than contribute to Firefox. This makes me think they have other “motives” for the browser, like to make some really google-specific stuff for it and tie it in closely with their searching, ads, desktop stuff, etc – which makes this even less appealing IMO.

  2. Ryan, Steve thats for the reply

    Later on in the afternoon I watched the press conference put on by Google and there are definately features I like about Crome. And since it is using WebKit (same rendering engine as Safari) we should have parity between those 2 browsers when it comes to standards compliance. I am also more then sure it will gain market share and will have to be factored into a web development companies test plan. For the SalesLogix web developers out there it still will have the problem of not being fully supported as there are some client side ActiveX controls still being used.

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