As the business grows I am starting to audit the things that I do and pay for in my personal life and determine if they are actually business related. One thing that I have been paying for was my mobile phone. I have had the same BlackBerry 8800 for 3 years now, which I have used in Corum, Sage and now in BITtelligent. Since we have been getting busy here I felt it was time to move the phone over to a Company account. I also needed to upgrade my office managers phone to a BlackBerry as well so it was a great time to trade in my old device for a new BlackBerry Bold. It should have been easier.

I called Rogers and explained what I wanted to do, Move the 2 existing phones over into a business accounts. After moving between service agents for a better part of an hour on the phone the job was done. The agent told me to go into the local Rogers outlet and pick up the new devices (Bold, Curve). When I arrived the store’s terminals were not working optimally so the rep needed to call in the order where he was told that we had gone back to tier 1 pricing (tier 5 good – tier 1 bad). At Tier 1 I would have to pay almost $800 for the Bold. I had to call there ‘Retention Agent’ to discus the issue. The instore agent, and the rep on the phone with the in-store Agent could do nothing. After some heated discussion (mostly on my part) and 40 minutes of time with a ‘Retention agent’ the Phone were appropriately priced. Rogers also provided some perks for the discomfort caused in the process.

Once I finally got the device in hand there were 2 things that I noticed. The weight and profile of the device – lighter and thinner, and the screen was so much more vibrant. Now my initial data plan was $60 for 25MB, the rep on the phone provided a plan that was $30 for 300MB, when I finally walked out of the store the final plan include 6GB for $30 so switching at this time was definitely a plus. The only thing on the device that seems strange to me is the ‘ball’ instead of the scroll wheel. But so far I am impressed with the device overall.

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