Before I put BITtelligent into full gear I worked for a company called Corum Corp. In my day to day duties among the management of the development team and architecture of the Mobile platform from time to time I would provide training to outside partners. During my 4+ years at Corum I provided the training in the Canadian office, and various SalesLogix offices in Scottsdale AZ, Reading UK, and Melbourne AUS. For me the training class was one of the hardest things to do, as well as one of the most satisfying. It was one of the times throughout the development of the platform that I could see, and interact with the various companies that be using, and selling the product that I was instrumental in the creation.

Last week marks the first instance that I have provided a level of training on the Mobile Platform in some time. In all counts it was a success where already I can see Nick not only asking questions on the NG posts, but also offering fixes to issues in the way some of the core plug-ins were coded. The training is in no way a substitute to the one provided by Sage but augments that process with a more one-on-one approach consisting of on-sight advanced guidance with several days of end customer engagement support. To ensure that you are certified and can get Sage Support the mobile training class will get you there. If you need to go deeper, or have special implementation needs that were our training will fit in.  The time from engagement to being on site in the UK for the training was quite tight (less then 2 weeks) but in the end the results were well worth any inconvenience of moving so fast to deliver.

We are not going to provide class room training, I just do not want to support the infrastructure costs. We will however provide on-sight one-on-one or web based training should the interest arise.

Also if there is enough interest Training can be provided in .NET development with C#, or as well.

– M

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