With Apple selling so many iPhones the question is asked when/If SalesLogix Mobile will be getting to the phone. I do not work for Sage nor do I speak for Sage in this so there is no inside information here. I do believe that the next big business smart phone could actually be based on the Android operating system from Google. I believe this for several reasons.

1. The platform is open and will be available from many carriers

2. The development and deployment process is open and allows for more business models

3. There will still be an App Store for the location of trial ware, single purchase licenses

4. The base development can be done in Java which means an easier port from the BlackBerry code  base

5. There are databases available such as MySQL that will allow for quicker time to market so that DB code would not have to be created.

6. For businesses (I am taking a stab here) but I would expect that the TCO to be less then that of an iPhone due to the multiple carrier

7. Motorola has already announced support, a phone is already in the market

Development for any mobile CRM is going to be somewhat a long tail. Jumping on Android now would provide Sage a great win when it came to insights 2009 to show off the Mobile CRM on the Android phone. I am still a big fan for the development environment Microsoft has provided however they still have not come to the market and made a compelling enough argument to get business in general to adopt the phones in mass.

The one thing that Apple really did well was to get everyone to rethink the interfaces we are using on mobile. This is causing a great shift in the device makeup and I suspect that the Sage Mobile product line will have to morph in a UI way to embrace this shift. Let’s hope the UI catches up to today’s expectations.

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