I was in a conversation with a BP yesterday with regards to some web customizations I had completed where I had brought up my development background in more depth, outside of development of SalesLogix Mobile or Web. At the end of the conversation he was excited to know that there was someone available with the level of capability that he could use on projects that had absolutely nothing to do with a SalesLogix Product. At the end of the day we were working on a quote for development of a custom service application.

This got me thinking, am I failing to advertise my skill set correctly. Are partners not aware of where they can use my company to engage in projects that they would be either understaffed for, or incapable due to time or resource capability constraints.

So I am going to put this out there …. My Company (meaning me) can develop full .Net applications that do not rely on SalesLogix.

These application can be:

  1. Web, Windows or Mobile
  2. Windows Services that provide Integration
  3. Web Services/Integrations
  4. Full Platforms included including design tools

They can also be enhancements to the current web, mobile or LAN SalesLogix Product

I have the skills and overhead capabilities to take projects as Small as a few days to Months or more. So my point here is when you are out there and a potential customer states I have a need for XYZ. Before you turn it down for duration, or capability why not give me a call and see if its something we can work on together.

– M

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