As we are moving into the end of the year Internally we have to make a decision on the framework and components we will be building future products on. Now that SP1 is out for Visual Studio as will as the framework we have fixed our sites on it. That’s not to say that we will not revert back to 2.0 if a customer has a specific need or a constraint exists, but for the bulk of our product development its time to move on and ensue the long take of support from Microsoft and well as leverage the capabilities that are exposed in the framework. These are some of the technologies we are going to work with over the next year;

  • .Net FX3.5 WPF, WCF and WF
  • SilverLight
  • Linq, C#3.0
  • DevExpress for our 3rd Party IDE Suites
  • Adobe Web Suite tools for Richer UI designs

For our customers supporting DevExpress exclusively means that we as a company will be able to broaden our knowledge and create applications that can realize the full richness of the provided components. Its unfortunate but there are so many technology choices that some times you need to back away and focus on one or two to see the forest through the trees.

We are also going to start to build custom libraries, and frameworks and where required collect external components and provide services so that the projects we develop internally and for our customers are brought to the market in an even faster fashion then before.

Solidifying on a technology platform takes the guess work out of what tools to use and allows more focus on the end goal of creating the software. I have a UI designer on board now and we are in the Midst of a identity revamp including a new Web Site, Logo and a full treatment to use across our different properties.

For our development efforts, we are approaching our engagements in a more agile customer facing fashion. We already hold the customer relationship as the most paramount of ideals, but to identify this as a working tenant cements it into our fabric. This means getting prototypes and feedback quicker and reacting to the needs of the customer in a effective manner.

I am getting excited as I feel were at the next stage in our evolution. I believe that there are a ton of opportunities out there and unfortunately they get passed up because their size does not make sense for a high overhead company.

– Mark

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