This weekend my wife needed to print off some color pages for some work she was doing. To my disappointment the printer was not working anymore. What bothered me was how many printers we have been through compared to how many computers. It seems that a printer is made to last a very short time and that HP, and the other printer manufactures do not keep a model around for more then a few months at a time. I understand that the model is cheap printers and charge for the consumables but is it at all possible that the manufacturers can put more quality into the hardware and keep some of these devices out of the land fills?


Home Renovations commence

We are going into our 3rd year in the house we are now living in. I have decided to embark on the basement renovation project. As I find myself wanting to entertain more at home then go out we are looking to make this the hub where we can have friends and family over and provide a great experience. Some of the things I am actively thinking about;


1. Bar

I do not drink much and only socially though I feel having a central bar caters to the appeal of the room. We think something fashioned like a English pub style where several people can sit around and enjoy a cold one.

2. Home Theater

We are quite the movie watchers here and it has always been a dream to have a really big screen to watch the blockbusters on. I can imagine 106″ screen with full THX surround sound

3. Games/Activities

Already have a Pool, Ping Pong, and Fooze Ball table (they are separate), Xbox360 and PS3. I am thinking about an old classic style pinball table for the appeal of it.

We do have quite a lot of room in the basement so It seems like it should work out great. Is there anything I missed or that would perfect the entertainment space?

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  1. I used to think the same thing but amazingly my current printer (an HP Photosmart) has lasted over 4 years already! I am probably jinxing it by making this post. Doh!

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