So I am going to try an experiment. Usually hiring a dev means contacting a HR agency and and working through the process to find someone. At the end of that process you pay between 10 and 20% of the wage up-front to the HR company. Depending on the resource this can add up to quite a bit of money. Now that we are deeply immersed within this social economy and also dealing with the biggest downturn in such a long time I does it make sense to pay a Hr company, or instead use that money to provide better equipment for the hire such as multiple monitors. beefier machines or training incentives/bonus’s. I have gone through the contracting companies before with mixed results on both the employer and employee side with mixed results and feel this time it is better to use the social net that exists. So here goes;


BITtelligent Software in Cambridge, Ont Canada is looking for an Intermediate .Net web developer.


There is no hiding the fact that we are a small company. Its what puts us apart from other companies. We pride ourselves on quality and the daily positive impact we make in our partners businesses each and every day. We are growing and have an immediate need to fill an intermediate .net web developer role. Its an exciting position not only because of the impact you would make to the business from day to day but also the varied amounts of projects and technologies you would be exposed to. Technologies like Silverlight or WPF, Workflow, using C#3.0 and VS2008. Daily you could be working on a web site, windows application/Service or extending CRM applications. 


To give you an idea of some of the projects we work on


  • Custom BlackBerry Java development
  • Sage SalesLogix Web and Windows Development
  • Integration Services – Windows Services that Consume Web services
  • Mobile Platform Development
  • Custom Web Site Development
  • and more …


If you have the following skills


  1. C# or,,
  2. Javascript would be nice if formal experience with JQuery
  3. Master Pages, CSS, HTML


Nice to have


  1. Windows forms development
  2. CRM experience (SalesLogix preferred)
  3. Mobile Development Experience (Windows, BlackBerry or IPhone)


and you are interested in applying or learning more, please send me an email @

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