Wow, outside my office window I can see the tall trees swaying in the strong winds. Last night was one of those hard sleep nights where the sounds outside pretty much ended any hope of rest. While I was getting ready for work this morning I was mulling over some of the topics I really want to discuss and how to approach the subjects. There are times that the ideas are swirling around and its just not the right time, or the thoughts have not matured enough for it to be of any value, and I think that is where much of my ideas for discussion are, immature thought just waiting to burst out. Hopefully the thought police can keep all of those adolescent ideas in so they can gestate just long enough to service the community in the right way 🙂

I have been working on several projects, very diverse in nature from standard web, SalesLogix web, Mobile and custom development over the last little while and its quite good to look back and get some perspective of what went right and more so what went wrong. So in a nutshell here is little retrospective

  1. Mobile has case sensitivity issues, the can bite you hard if your not proactive about it. Choose a case for naming, and stick with it otherwise you will be in debugging limbo
  2. Just because your told it works does not mean it does. Make sure you review what you have to ensure that it is at the expected quality
  3. Custom BlackBerry development estimates should be appropriately padded. In the .Net world we have lots of libraries and capabilities. Customers are going to compare the functionality that existing in newer generation better development platform devices. Just make sure to level set with the customer the effort required to give the same kind of experience
  4. Portal wizard is not that great, in fact when creating a custom customer portal it actually is not at all the best way to go. The portal wizard allows for the creation of a UI or service portal. It handles a couple of setting and drops in some files into the VFS. Unfortunately the customer portal and the client portal are somewhat different beasts and you will be spending some time backtracking to get the portal to run
  5. Be good, and truthful and do the right thing. This one is for me to ensure that I keep rooted in my morals and not choose to do something just because there is revenue attached to it.

One things I still am having quite a bit of difficulty, and maybe its location or how my company is currently set up is finding a intermediate developer. I would not have thought it would have been that hard, but it has been so. I have heard from a HR company that I would need to open a official office to attract talent, or that I would have to pay 25K in a finder fee to do the so. The latter is somewhat harder for me to grasp because I would much rather take that money and put it into top notch equipment or bonus, better pay then just throw it across the fence.

When it comes to finding developers what is you method, is there some special recipe that brings in the resumes. Any insight into this open question would be much appreciated.

Oh BTW, intermediate developers if you have not heard, I am looking for someone to join my company in Cambridge, Ontario. I personally believe this is a cool opportunity to not only work in an open, and creative environment. A place that each and every day you have the power to make an impact but you also get to work with a really nice guy 😉  We work with diverse technologies and get to work with some really great customers. Have C# skills, awesome, your the one. Want to work in Winforms, Web, Mobile, BlackBerry development or pretty well anything our customer throw at us send me your resume at , lets talk and see if things just Gel. You rig – Quad Core, 8GB, 2 X24″, 1TB HDD, your tools VS 2008, Eclipse, Refactor tools, SQL2005+ . Sound inviting and send me your resume

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